Teach English through revolutionary technology

Use fun teaching techniques

Make learning English more enjoyable and interactive

Blend offline classes with online sessions

Create a world-class learning atmosphere

And benefit both your students and your educational institution!

English Attack is a revolutionary English learning tool through which your students can learn through videos, vocab dictionaries and games!


How does it work?


Students can:

Watch popular video clips from English movies and TV shows

  • Read up on the words being used in the video
  • Grasp the meaning of words through contextual learning
  • Test their skills through short assessments
  • Improve grammar through related exercises
  • Practice active listening and understand accents better

Go Through Photo Dictionaries

  • Get familiar with words related to their interests
  • Retain meanings through visual cues
  • Pick up new interests and improve their understanding of the English language
  • Hear words and get the pronunciation right
  • Understand words better through sentence usage

Play English Learning Games

Learn grammar through interesting games


Teachers can:

  • Track students’ progress online
  • Create and schedule assignments on the platforms
  • Manage multiple classes
  • Blend online and offline learning

Easy-to-use dashboard which will benefit both students and educational institutions

A world-class teaching environment, just a click away!

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Try the free demo at Englishattack.com to know what we are talking about!