Can I learn from the basics at Lingua Attack?
I am an advanced learner. Is Lingua Attack useful to me?
Do I get a Certificate?
Is the Certificate recognized?
What is CEFR?
Is it helpful for scoring better in IELTS/ TOEFL?
Is it helpful for preparing for competitive examinations?
Do I need a teacher to learn from Lingua Attack?
How many Video Boosters are available at Lingua Attack?
How long does it take to complete a learning unit?
What are the different types of exercises?
Is there any time limit for the course?
Does Lingua Attack test all four skills?
Is there any additional fee for the Assessment Test?
How many Assessment Tests can the students take during the course?
How often is the content updated on Lingua Attack!?
Is Lingua Attack appropriate for school children?
Can teachers use it in the classroom?
Is Lingua Attack designed for in-class use, or use out of the classroom?
Can the teachers create an assessment test on their own?
Can a School Administrator have access to usage statistics?
Can a teacher see the activities and assignment scores of her students?
Can the students take the test at home?
Can a student be in more than one class / have more than one teacher on Lingua Attack?
Do students have access to all learning units?
Can English be imposed as a site interface language, instead of allowing students to use the site in their local language?
Can students have access to content that is age-inappropriate or can otherwise be seen as controversial for students?
Can a teacher / school choose or limit the content that can be seen by students?
Does Lingua Attack focus on British English or American English?
Is there a Guide for Teachers?
Is there a Guide for Students?
Does Lingua Attack have a mobile application?