Professional Development for Teachers

Teachers who are good at English get the best opportunities. Working on improving English will be a valuable investment for career growth. In the globalized world, speaking English with native like fluency will be an added advantage.

Whatever subject you teach you must be good at English as it is the medium of instruction. The greater the proficiency levels, the more effective will be your teaching skills.


How good is your English?

Have you taken any test to know your present level of proficiency in English? The best way to know your present level is to take a test that describes your language achievement levels. Take the test here.


Why do you need a Certificate of Proficiency in English?

You need to showcase your skills and proficiency in English when you apply for a teaching position. Your portfolio must reflect your passion for improving your skills on a continuous basis. A certificate from English Attack is a proof of your passion for learning and proficiency in English. It describes your proficiency on a global assessment scale i.e. CEFR.

What is the best way to prove your School Management that you are good at English?

A certificate with Global standards can easily convince your school management about your proficiency in English.


Why English Attack?

English Attack provides you the best opportunity to know your present level and reach the next level within a short period of time with innovative learning technologies. Through immersive learning methods, English Attack offers the best language learning tool.

The innovative pedagogy of English Attack immerses you in a world of authentic English while interactive, entertaining exercises keep your motivation high each and every day.

Moreover, English Attack follows the international standards in assessing language skills. The popular Cambridge Suit of English Examinations also follows the same.  It gives you a grade based on Common European Frame of Reference popularly known as CEFR.


Learn anytime, anywhere

Thanks to mobile technology! You can learn 24x7 wherever you are. English Attack works on smartphones, tabs, laptops and desktop computers. With English Attack you can engage yourself in a more productive way even when you are travelling.  

For School Students

Today’s children have access to a wide variety of video content at their finger tips.  It is essential to channelize their interest and energies in a proper direction. English Attack offers an excellent platform for children to improve their English language skills with lots of entertaining and interactive tasks.

Caring parents like you would love to see your child is making steady progress in all directions. As English is essential to master all the other subjects, the child must be provided with the best language learning opportunities.


Expected levels of proficiency for school and college students:



CEFR Level s at  English Attack

1st  to 3rd  classes

A1 Level

4th  and 5th  class

A2 Level

6th and 7th classes

B1 Level

8th ,  9th  and 10th classes

B2 Level

10+2 (Intermediate)

C1 Level


C2 Level


Why should you focus on English at School level?

Language acquisition and learning take place rapidly in childhood. Your child should be equipped with strong language skills to pursue his further education successfully. If language learning is neglected at this stage it will be a serious handicap for him/her in the higher education.

Carefully selected from the popular English movies, the video clippings offer the best examples of authentic conversation for your children.  According to linguists, language learning takes place by exposure to authentic conversations.


Assess your child’s proficiency in English

Have you checked whether child’s proficiency in English is at the expected level? Conduct an assessment test and know where your child stands in the table shown above. You can guide and motivate your child to reach the next level by practicing English Attack exercises at home.  

You can easily assess your child’s proficiency in English with the simple assessment tests and assignments created by English Attack. It just takes 15 minutes to take the test and know where your child stands. Click here to register

Test your child’s language skills with English Attack today!