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What is a Video Booster?

What is a Video Booster?

The key learning unit on Lingua Attack is the Video Booster: a series of language exercises created by language teachers, based on a short (one minute on average) video clip.

The platform’s pedagogy is based on the use of authentic video, reflecting a wide range of content types: from excerpts of movies and television shows, to news reports, documentaries, music videos, and how-to tutorials. With more than 1,300 Video Boosters already available on the platform for learning English.

Each Video Booster starts with a pre-task presentation of the target vocabulary essential to understanding the video clip, followed by the video itself. Next, 5 interactive exercises are progressively completed, allowing for an in-depth familiarisation with the linguistic elements of the clip. The Video Booster concludes with two learning games for long-term memorisation of the elements learned over the course of the exercises.

Each Video Booster exercise is created by Lingua Attack’s team of teachers, and generates an intermediary score. The 7 steps of each Video Booster are:

  • Vocab Quick view: this is a pre-task step familiarizing the learner with the 8 lexical items most useful in understanding the video. Each item has a simple definition; an audio file for correct pronunciation; and a sample sentence in which the vocabulary item is used in a way that contextually assists in understanding its meaning.
  • Video: the learner then views the video (typically one minute to three minutes long). During this step the learner can pause or re-start the video as much as desired.
  • Comprehension: a series of 4 multiple-choice questions that test the learner’s understanding of the general context (the “gist”) of the video clip. These questions can be answered without the learner needing to have understood every detail of the dialogue. This relatively easy first exercise is designed to boost the learner’s confidence while establishing the basis for deeper work on the clip’s linguistic elements in the following steps.
  • Listening Lab: in this exercise, the learner chooses from among three similar-sounding and contextually plausible alternatives to fill gaps in the clip’s transcript. It can be done by reading the dialogue with the gaps; and/or by listening to the clip again in real time while selecting the answers.
  • Advanced Comprehension: this step consists of 2 questions about very specific information contained in the dialogue (numbers, places, dates or proper names). For this more difficult exercise, the learner has access to the full video transcript.
  • Vocab Academy: here the learner is asked to select from the list of target vocabulary to fill gaps in a paragraph written in a similar (but not identical) context to the video clip. This exercise tests the learner’s understanding of the new words in the unit, and his or her ability to use them contextually.
  • Grammar: a short session of inductive grammar based on an example from the dialogue in the video. The target grammar point is addressed in context, allowing for better retention. A series of 4 questions, arranged in one of 4 exercise formats, allows the learner to verify his or her understanding of the rule and to practice it.
  • Games: Following the completion of the steps outlined above, the learner practices the 8 target vocabulary terms with two of the four learning games.


To get the maximum benefit from Lingua Attack, it’s better to follow all the exercises given in each video booster.