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Lingua Attack: A Brand-new App to Learn the Language You Love

Lingua Attack: A Brand-new App to Learn the Language You Love

There are hundreds of mobile apps for learning languages on the go. Lingua Attack is the latest addition to both Apple store and Google Play store offering English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese.

Is it just one more app or is it different?

Let’s know what makes it different from others.

One of the most effective learning styles is visual learning. We may forget what we hear but we don’t usually forget what we see. Built on the principle visual communication as the most powerful tool, Lingua Attack offers unique language learning experience with video boosters and visual dictionaries.

Learning languages through videos is not something new. It has been there over a period of time. What’s the difference Lingua Attack has made with movie clips? The videos are graded based on the difficulty level following Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR). The learners can choose an appropriate level that suits them.

How do I know my present level in English?

That’s where Lingua Attack scores higher than many other language learning apps. You can easily know your present level by taking and assessment test. It provides you with the descriptive analysis of your present level. That’s the starting point of learning.

Based on experiential learning, the app offers you a rich variety of video boosters i.e., video clips from popular movies and TV serials with 7 interactive tasks based on gamified learning. You can track your progress with the points you gain by watching each video lesson.

How do I know my present level in English?

Skills Boosters, a special section in the video boosters, enables to master the skills you need at workplace. The specific set of skills enable you to speak confidently in the target language in a particular context. It’s a growing set of skills.

If your language skills are at a beginner level, no worries. There’s a Starter Lab with 20 videos that make you instantly pick-up expressions to speak in the target language.

Do I get a Certificate?

Remember, you can subscribe to the app through Educapsule, Learning partner of Lingua Attack in India. Given the features and pricing, it is a great app with lots of unique features.