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Can I improve my speaking ability by listening?

Can I improve my speaking ability by listening?

To improve your speaking skills, you must listen more. Listen to more than 1500 authentic conversations on Lingua Attack at different levels to improve your speaking skills

Among the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) skills, as you know it well, listening and reading are receptive (input) skills and speaking and writing are productive (output) skills. Now the question many of the students are asking: can we improve our speaking skill by listening? Can I improve my fluency by listening? Can I improve my vocabulary by listening?

What's language acquisition?

Listening plays a crucial role in language acquisition. What’s language acquisition? What’s the difference between acquisition and learning? Let’s attempt to understand how the first and second languages are acquired and learnt?

How did you learn your mother tongue?

Just take a moment and think about how you learnt your mother tongue. What did you do first? Did you write first? Did you speak first? Did you read or listen first? Obviously, you listened to your parents’ words and the words of the elders in the family. As a child you tried to imitate their words and produce the same sounds as they did. As you grew up you started interacting with others and picked up words and phrases from their conversation. This is how we learnt our mother tongue, the first language. This is called language acquisition. We learn our first language naturally through immersion and continuous exposure.

Now let’s see how people learn the second language in different ways. If you studied in the medium of your mother tongue, probably you started learning English by learning the alphabet first. You tried to identify the letters and wrote them. You had limited chances of listening to English and fewer chances of speaking English. You might be still struggling to write a few sentences on your own and speaking English with others.

How did you learn your second language (English)?

I too learnt English in the same way. I started reading and listening as much as possible during my college days. It has helped me a lot in learning many expressions and different sentence structures. Reading aloud the conversations is one of the best methods of improving spoken language. Listening to the conversations in English over a period of time makes you acquainted with many expressions in English.

Now the difference between how we learn the first and the second language must be clear. We get the first language through acquisition and we learn the second language deliberately with continued efforts. 

Listen to more than 1500 authentic conversations in English

Lingua Attack offers more than 1500 conversations in the form of video clips. You can easily understand the context from the visual cues. Watch every video two three times until you understand every word of it. Complete all the interactive tasks for each video.

The video clips taken from popular movies, TV serials, commercials, and documentaries help you pick up many useful expressions. You can learn English through immersion and continuous exposure to it. The more you get exposed to English conversations, the faster you will improve your speaking skills.